About us

About Us

Have you ever found yourself out in public and see someone wearing something the same to what you have in your personal collection? That’s what happened to me. This inspired me to find a few small businesses throughout the U.S. to work with on custom designs on apparel and accessories. The inspiration turned into Catch222.

Catch222 is the one-stop shopping point for all those unique custom apparel and fashion accessories that you need to add to your wardrobe. Whether you have a message to send out through your hoodie or are merely interested in standing out, you can count on us to deliver all your unique apparel items.

We pay close attention to any designs you wish to have printed on your clothing. We know that custom apparel or fashion accessories will definitely bring a sentimental attachment to them, we emphasise the importance of quality in our work.

We do not want your t-shirt or hoodie losing its color after a while. In this regard, we use the most effective technologies in customizing your products.

Our range of customised products includes:

  • Custom fashion accessories: We know that many people like to complete their outfits with stylish, matching accessories. 
  • Custom apparel: We offer a wide range of customized t-shirts and hoodies for both sexes as well as female shirts to suit as many tastes as possible.        

If you’re looking for some custom apparel, send us a message. We will glad to work with you. Catch222 delivers your requests promptly and is always welcoming of new, crazy ideas for customization.

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